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classic tours - multi days

For a tour of several days to the Basque country you can add the different classic one-day tours and half-day tours.
But you can also send us information about your timeframe and your interests and we will send you proposals on how to best organize your multi-day program.
We have a lot of experience with the multi-day tours and can propose well-planned programs for three days, four days, five days all the way up to seven days (filled with architecture).....there is a lot to see!
In general we have two main organisational schemes: “hub and spoke” and a “round trip.”


hub and spoke

Spending all nights in Bilbao you will use your hotel in Bilbao as a base from which you visit the other destinations in one-day excursions. The whole program is easily configurated by adding one-day tours.

round trip

The great advantage of a “round trip” is to save a lot of time normally spent on the bus-rides. The reduced comfort of having to change hotels several times is balanced out with less time on the bus.
Bilbao, with its international airport is used as the start and finish. Depending on the timeframe you have the possibility to stay another night in San Sebastian and/or Pamplona and/or the Rioja.
We have run several four and five day round trips with very positive experiences.


Don´t hesitate to ask us for a customized proposal.