GA - Bilbao / Facts


The presentation of the tours will de conducted by local architects in Spanish, English, French or German. Other languages upon request.

group size

The normal groups are limited to 25 persons per guide. For large groups between 25 y 40 persons we charge a 10% supplement - it is still possible to run the tour with one guide but we strongly recommend the use of an audio system.
For very large groups of 41 persons and more we charge a special handling charge per day. We recommend to book a guide for every 30, maximum every 50 persons. We strongly recommend the use of an audio system.
Please ask for a personalized proposal for your group.

audio systems

We can organize a professional audio system from an external provider. The guide wears a microphone and a transmitter. Every client wears earphones with a small receiver. The price consists of a rental fee per day and person plus a general handling charge for the transport costs.

meeting points

One day tours normally start at the clients´ hotel. For half-day-tours we adapt the meeting point to your personal wishes.


We are always willing to offer our ample knowledge to help on hotel, bus and restaurant reservations.
There are two ways to handle it:
We are happy to organize this external services for you - we will collaborate with a local agency to make the organisation as easy, fast and relieable as possible. The client will receive two invoices - one from GA Bilbao for the guiding fees and one from the local agency for the requested external services.
If you want to do the organization yourself we can send you our recommendations lists.


From our experience with group dynamics and local restaurants we higly recommend spending the lunch or the lunch break together as a closed group and to organize the programme this way (restaurant, picnic, catering, etc.). The guide normally stays with the group at lunch. If you want attendance at dinner by a guide we will try to arrange it for you. (surcharge applicable)
A “pintxo-tour”(pintxos = basque fingerfood) has to be made in small groups. We recommend a visit in a basque cider house (weekends)- which is best with a guide to explain this very special local tradition.
The normal Spanish eating times are: lunch 13.30 - 15.30, dinner 21.00 - 24.00 or later

guiding fees

All prices include preparation, organization and guiding services. Please contact us for detailed pricing information for your tour.

(*) : extra costs

The prices do not include: entrance fees, local train, metro, bus charters, bike rentals, projector and room rental, accommodations, catering, meals, etc.