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Our guides are all “guiding architects” living and working in the area and this way they are equipped with the freshest insights in the area´s construction sector.

Bernd Nitsch
files/ga-ressources/img/team_bn.jpgArchitect, founder of GA BiLBAO. Living and working as architect in Bilbao since 2004 he guides tours in German, English and Spanish.
Jone Belausteguigoitia

Architect from Bilbao, working in Pamplona, specialized in the architectural and urbanistic development of Bilbao, guiding tours in English, French and Spanish.

Irene Fernández

Architect from Bilbao, architectural career with specialization in urbanism in Paris, guiding tours in French and Spanish.

For big groups we collaborate with freelance architects which have been trained as architectural guides to guarantee the high quality level of our tours.



GA BiLBAO is member of guiding-architects. The network takes care to guaranty the guided tours´ high quality by carefully selecting and testing new members and applying a quality control system inside the network. We invite you to visit our friends.



GA BiLBAO has offered professionally guided tours since 2006. We have run many tours totalling more than 1000 people in the last 6 years. In 2012 we guided nearly 350 people through Bilbao and the Basque country. Our list of clients includes numerous national and international architectural, town-planning and/or engineering offices, companies and universities.

1d, 3 pBenneckes, Hamburg, Germany
Mr. Bennecke
0,5d, 32 pEngineers group, Israel
Iscar Travel
Mr. Aldo Ciliberti
4d, 34 pAIV (Architekten und Ingenieurverein) Stuttgart, Germany
ticket-B Berlin
3,5d, 27 pADS, Kempten, Germany
Mr. Rieper
1,5d, 33 pInvited architects from Germany
Cluster Habic, Basque Country
Mr. Eduardo Jimenez
1,5d, 23 pAIT, architecture and interior design magazine, Germany
Mrs. Bacht and Mrs. Dragoi
0,5d, 15 pBay. Jugendring, Socialworkers, Bayern, Germany
Bycicle tour Center Bilbao
Mrs. Stephanie Bergmann
2,5d, 24 pNai – Netherland Architecture Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mr. Ghijsen
2,5d, 22 pimmopro, Zürich, Switzerland
Mr. Boda
2,5d, 8 pASS ARCHITEKTEN, Stuttgart, Germany
premium tour sport facilities
Mrs. Schmidt
2,0d, 27 pTravelrite International, Australia
Mr. Jim Webber and Mr. Malcolm Carver
0,5d, 4 p4CEPH, Architects and engineers, Germany
Organisation 4CEPH, Plataforma de edificación Passivhaus España
0,75d, 11 pInvited lightning consultants from USA
Cluster Habic
Mr. Eduardo Jimenez
0,5d, 32 pInvited architects from France
Cluster Habic
Mr. Eduardo Jimenez
1d, 3 pbyreisen, Kobenhagen, Denmark
Mr. Jorgensen
4d, 40 pbaurconsult - Germany
ticket-B Berlin
4d, 18 pNetzwerkreise, Network – tour, Mixed group of single persons, Germany
ticket-B Berlin
0,5d, 17 pbyreisen, City council Esbjerk, Denmark
Mr. Jorgensen
0,5d, 13 pbyreisen, City council Roskilde, Denmark
Mr. Jorgensen
0,5d, 27 pAsociación Arquitectos Architrave, France
Local agency STI Galdakano
Mrs. Leire de Diego
0,5d, 12 pPfletscher und Partner, München - Germany
Mr. Pfletscher
1,5h, 11 pWasabi, Madrid, Spain
Mr. Jóse Moreno
1,5d, 1 pMax Ho, Shanghai, China
Mr. Ho
2,5d, 23 pArchitektur und Weinreise, Giessen, Germany
Mr. Füner
0,5d, 13 p2 Karsman Arkitekter, Stockholm, Sweden
Local agency STI Galdakano
Mrs. Leire de Diego
0,5d, 12 p2 CEPH-conference, Various nations
2 CEPH organisation team
4d, 27 pSTO Fachexkursion, Germany
Fr. Schürmann und Hr. Appenzeller
3d, 9 pArchitekturbüro Füner, Wetzlar, Germany
Mr. Füner
1,5h, 21 pGross Reisen, Germany
Local agency Bilbao paso a paso
presentation of the Guggenheim museum
4d, 22 pArchitektur und Reisen, Freiburg, Germany
Fr. Schlechtendahl
3d, 35 pRotaryclub Walsrode, Germany
Hr. Niemeyer
1,5h, 18 pGross Reisen, Germany
Local agency Bilbao paso a paso
presentation of the Guggenheim museum
4d, 20 pSIA Swiss ingeneer and architect asociation, Switzerland
organisation Brigitte Jussel, archINFORM, Bregenz
1,5d, 27 pHFT Stuttgart, Germany
university exkursion, Profesor  S. Jehle
4d, 33 pFugazza Steinmann und Partner, Wettingen, Switzerland
Mr. Steinmann
1d, 51 pXella, Slovenia
Mrs. Natasa Tavcar
1,5h, 23 pGross Reisen, Germany
Local agency Bilbao paso a paso
presentation of the Guggenheim museum
4d, 20 pswiss architects , Switzerland
private group , organisation Brigitte Jussel, archINFORM, Bregenz
3h, 17 pVelux Five Oceans, Mixed group, Austria/Italy